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We listen

We make sure we listen to what is important to you, treating your views and unique needs as a priority.

We ask

We don’t just ask what jobs you have vacant; we invest time upfront to learn about your business, culture, challenges, how you like to be serviced, and your previous experience with recruiters and what you expect from us.

Refreshingly ‘low-maintenance’

We make sure we get a thorough understanding of your requirements so we can let you get back to doing what you do best and we get on with our recruitment process.


Get access to the best talent: not only those who are available, but the best in the industry who aren’t actively seeking new opportunity.


Specialised recruitment and employment services

As an international recruitment agency, Dedicated People connects highly skilled candidates with employers in temporary and permanent positions, for a variety of fields including Pharmaceutical / Life Science / Biotech, Finance, Technology and office support jobs. Whether you’re looking for your next career opportunity or looking to hire new talent, Dedicated People’s recruitment services can help you.

About Dedicated People

At Dedicated People we understand that one of the most important factors for running a successful business is to have qualified and competent personnel in place.

We also understand that our clients have varying needs. Our mission is to meet those needs by recruiting the best possible candidates for the positions available, enabling our clients to focus on their core business.

At Dedicated People, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service. We pride ourselves on delivering a service based on solid communication and trust. As part of this commitment, we are dedicated to:

  • Being open and transparent in all working relationships;
  • Responding promptly to client requirements;
  • Continuously reviewing systems and procedures to ensure they benefit the client and candidates;
  • Maintaining one point of contact for our clients
  • Keeping the lines of communication open with our clients;
  • Treating all matters with strict confidentiality;
  • Working as an extension of our clients recruitment team to find the optimal personnel solutions; and
  • Never sacrificing safety and quality when pursuing any of our business goals, in accordance with all Local, and State laws.

Dedicated People are not just about putting the “right people in the right job”. Dedicated People are about building long-standing partnerships with respected clients. Like any good partner, the advancement of all involved is our ultimate objective. Dedicated People can help companies with their personnel needs. Our competence stems from a wealth of experience gained by being intimately involved with businesses great and small. When trying to understand what Dedicated People can do for you, consider the following:


The majority of clients attempting their own recruitment directly will have higher daily priorities than recruiting potential candidates. At Dedicated People, we have no higher daily priorities. It is our occupation and we love it!

Best Possible Candidates

Even if there are more candidates than available jobs, it does not necessarily mean that the best possible candidates will be flooding your online ads with responses. Dedicated People leverage many resources, such as our network, social media, ads, and colleagues, to name a few. That’s how we are able to present you with the best available candidates that wouldn’t ordinarily apply.

Time Saving

Outsourcing your recruitment allows you to focus on your business. Most people underestimate how long it takes to find the right candidate to fill a particular role. It is not uncommon to take up to 6 months or more going through multiple candidates. You need to work out how much your time is worth in reference with Recruitment agency fees.

No Time Wasted

Our applicants are fully aware of the positions they are applying for. When they come to see you for an interview, they not only meet your minimum requirements, they will be selected based on your criteria and the job that you are offering!


That’s what we do, and we are good at it! We have a great deal of experience interviewing and screening candidates. We can act as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage of your interview process and provide you with pre-screened and appropriate candidates. It’s our business! This leaves you to just select the ones you want and monitor their performance!! (Five stages are Sourcing, Screening, Evaluating, Selecting and Monitoring.)

No Placement, Means No Fee

We don’t charge any money until we’ve successfully filled a position.

Increase the Value of Your Advertising

Advertising in the newspaper and via the Internet can be costly. As Recruitment company we have agreements with a variety of job boards, newspapers and specialist websites, which allow us to advertise in more places for less money, giving you better exposure and better overall value for the money.

New Recruitment Techniques – Social Media

We use modern and old recruitment techniques to source the best candidates. With Social Media & Networking becoming one of the fastest growing recruitment tools to be exploited, you can be assured that Dedicated People is taking advantage of it! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Large candidate pool

We have a large pool of resumes and skilled candidates who are ready to go. We ensure anyone who is suitable for your organisation is contacted and offered the opportunity to interview with you. With Dedicated People, rest assured your requirements will be met in the most efficient way possible.

What if a candidate does not work well?

If a candidate does not work out, we will replace them at no extra cost. This leaves you with no risk in most cases. We make it our prime objective to not only get it right, but also get it right the first time!

Enquire Now, Send Your Company Vacancies Now!


At Dedicated People we work closely with our clients to fulfil their staffing needs. We are consultants with industry specific knowledge to assist you in the recruiting and candidate selection.


At Dedicated People our goal is to be an extension of your human resources department, and provide you with effective and immediate staffing solutions to assist you in keeping pace with your evolving staffing needs….

If you have any employment vacancies, we can help you find the candidates. As one of the best labour hire and recruitment agencies, Dedicated People is about building long-term relationships with our clients. We are committed to delivering the highest quality service based on solid communication, trust and transparency in all our working relationships.

So why choose Dedicated People for your labour hire recruitment needs? Companies are often too busy running a successful business to spend too much time finding the right employees. This is where Dedicated People comes in, with a focus on labour hire for your businesses.

Outsource to Employment Agencies

Busy companies are increasingly turning to recruitment agencies for work requirements. Instead of spending valuable time and resources on labour hire, use a job agency with extensive experience finding the right employees for the work your company needs done. Dedicated People will help determine what type of skilled labour you need and send you the people for the job.

Busy companies are increasingly turning to recruitment agencies for work requirements. Instead of spending valuable time and resources on labour hire, use a job agency with extensive experience finding the right employees for the work your company needs done. Dedicated People will help determine what type of skilled labour you need and send you the people for the job.

At Dedicated People we offer a range of benefits, including access to the best candidates possible for any available position. We leverage a range of networks including social media, ads and industry contacts to name a few tactics. With access to top candidates in your industry, we can help solve all your skilled labour hire and employment vacancies.

Save time with us and outsource all your employment needs with one of the best recruitment companies. Not only can we easily speed up the time it takes to find a top candidate, we save companies and professionals the distraction of interviewing or screening clients. Focus on the important tasks involved in running your business, knowing that one of the most trusted labour hire agencies is providing skilled labour.

Our Recruitment Process

To streamline the recruitment and employment process, we have a large pool of resumes and skilled candidates. They are ready to go as soon as they find their ideal position, which is where the recruitment company comes in. Every candidate we present to you is fully prepared for the position they are applying for. Not only will they meet your minimum requirements, they will be ideally suited for the job and match any vacant positions or jobs with your organization.

So why would you go anywhere else? At Dedicated People we are experienced in interviewing hopefuls and screening candidates. We can help you through the stages of interviewing or even conduct them ourselves. This enables you to just focus on selecting the one you want and not waste your time interviewing completely unsuitable candidates.

Unlike some temp agencies, we know one size doesn’t fit all. We specialise in providing talents to a number of industries. We maintain dedicated customers that almost focus as their own agencies to handle industry-specific needs.

One focus is the Pharmaceutical / Life Science / Biotech industry, to which we provide skilled, trained and specialized professionals who excel in research. We also frequently provide employees to sales/marketing departments, who need dedicated personnel to represent their brand with passion and enthusiasm.

We specialise in providing trained professionals to Pharmaceutical industry who know how to perform the required tasks. Our focus on health and safety means we thoroughly brief all employees at Pharmaceutical sites and do reference check with ex-employers, before starting work.

In addition to maintaining one of the largest and most qualified skilled labour pools of any area recruitment agencies, we go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs. We are also dedicated to providing only the most skilled professionals for the job. Our recruitment agency is committed to understanding local businesses so we can develop strategies to ensure successful placement of employees.

Guaranteed Results

Such is our dedication to delivering businesses the right candidate, that we guarantee our services. If a candidate does not work out, then we will replace them at no extra cost. While you are seeking your perfect candidate, we do not charge your business any money until we have filled your position. To keep your advertising and hiring costs down, we also take advantage of a range of different advertising and recruitment methods, ensuring the entire process runs efficiently.

If you are looking for new skilled professionals to hire and are having trouble finding the right candidates, as one of the top local labour hire and recruitment companies, we can help. Whether you are looking for trusted labour hire, employment or temp agencies, we are all of the above. Maybe you need help locating the right candidate to match your company culture and vacant position. Even if you simply need expert advice from a job agency through the interviewing process, we can help.

As one of the best labour and recruitment agencies, contact us at Dedicated People to discover how we can help you build the right resource pool. A business is only as strong as its employees so we take the time to help you grow.

“We dedicate our efforts to ensure each placement we make is the best possible match for the job”. 



Step 1: Tell us about your hiring needs

Submit your job vacancy online in just minutes, or simply call us. Our recruitment consultants will evaluate the skills, experience and corporate culture fit that you require. As a professional recruitment agency, we are 100% committed to finding employees who are the best fit for your company.

Step 2: Your staffing options

Dedicated People find and delivers highly skilled professionals. Whether you are looking for a temporary employee who can start right away, a permanent employee to join your team or an interim manager to successfully implement a specific project, our agency offer you a range of options.

Step 3: Review and select candidates

Finding professionals who are just the right fit for your role is our top priority. We will provide you with your choice of well-matched candidates, and our recommendations will be tailored to the nuances of your role and business. Then, once you select the best candidate, we’ll coordinate all aspects of the recruiting process, working hard to ensure a smooth start for you and your new employee.

Step 4: A satisfaction guarantee

Ensuring you are happy with your hiring experience is what defines Dedicated People recruitment services. We are committed to the highest level of customer service, and we back it up with a satisfaction guarantee. Our communication, expert advice and recruiting support is provided on your terms, not just during the hiring process but beyond, creating a lasting relationship with you.

At Dedicated People our goal is to be an extension of your human resources department, and provide you with effective and immediate staffing solutions to assist you in keeping pace with your evolving staffing needs.

We will assist you to determine a cost-effective solution that is commensurate with your short-term and long-term objectives. From work force supplementation with outsourced personnel, to reallocation of existing staff members, we can assist you through contingency, consulting, or full-time personnel.

  • Being able to obtain competent additional staff on short notice when you have a time-sensitive job or unanticipated shortage of personnel.
  • Having the ability to hire a full-time worker without spending an inordinate amount of time on advertising, proficiency testing, and screening.

Dedicated People is set-up to make operating your business more efficient and cost-effective. We are dedicated and committed to staffing varying levels of Life Science, Pharma, Chemical, Finance, IT, Sales/Marketing and administration. We have employee consultants with in-depth knowledge of these different industries to assist you in locating personnel with the right skill set to meet your needs.

We can satisfy any staffing requirements you have. We are able to facilitate any order large or small. We staff all business levels from start-ups to large corporations.

High-Quality Specialized Personnel

Dedicated People will have job candidates undergo an extensive screening process. We assess candidates for job skills, prior work history, and history of attendance. We guarantee that the candidates we present to you are legally authorized to be employed. You can be assured that you are receiving a candidate with the qualifications you desire. We fully comprehend your need for dedicated and motivated personnel to execute your job assignment.

More than just recruitment, Dedicated People gives you a professional, first-class, honest, experience, every time!

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