How we work

Obtaining a detailed overview of the role / function.

The closer we work with you, the better the results. Everything we do is about communication about every step of the process, clear, more frank and frequent conversations give the best results. Everyone is busy, but we are always willing to talk to you during the day or in the evening to get the best results.

Recruiting and selecting candidates with relevant skills and experience from different sources.

We have many routes to sources and candidates, with years of experience we are very good at identifying the best candidate for your vacancy

Interviewing candidates: checking motivation for the role and the company.

We conduct a number of detailed interviews with the candidates to check suitability and to confirm this. We ensure that the candidate is well informed about your company and is motivated to work for you.

Presenting a select number of candidates that we would accept.

If you are looking to be overwhelmed by resumes, you will be disappointed. For us, working on quality is more important than quantity. We strive to send the minimum number of CVs to achieve the maximum success.

Managing / supervising / following the entire process up to the start date and afterwards.

We will work closely with you, your team and your recruitment process to ensure that this is a positive experience for everyone involved