About us

We believe that people are the most important part of every company.

However, finding them can be problematic, but of course you already know that.

This is what we can help you with. We recruit talents that add real value to your company. Talents, who are in the process and are looking for a different challenge.

So what makes us different from other agencies? We do not treat recruitment as simply filling a vacancy. We find dedicated candidates and talents that connect with your company. People, who add a value, people who are a real asset. People, who contribute in your company growth. We will not overwhelm you with resumes, but will send you a few selected top quality candidates who fit your company and want to work for you. We have strong methods and will have an option that works for you. We offer a very personal service and come close to your company, and become an extension of the recruitment team, because we are dedicated and happy to help you.

As a recruiter in heart and soul. We love the work of recruitment, where every day is different from the previous one and it is in our profession very important to think out of the box, to run that extra mile to satisfy our customers needs, to help you finding your dream job! We meet many fantastic people with whom we connect, whom we get to know as a person by knowing their dreams, their passions, their goals, their talents and their expectations. Whether this is on the customer side or candidate, it does not matter because it concerns people!

Nothing is better than the pleasure of helping a customer reach its goal, whether it is a job review or recruiting dozens of candidates, we love to help you!

We love to communicate with people, to help them on their way to their destination, to help them with their carriers, and to mediate between companies and individuals, we do our work with dedication and passion, hence our company name Dedicated People.